A new approach to making coffee

We offer a range of custom options to suit your needs. Our units can be selected with one of the following: A Traditional styled steam wand mounted from below, a modern styled steam wand, able to rotate 360 degrees for a left or right hand operation. A specialised nozzle for dedicated Hot Water or a PID Controlled Steamer for automatic steam temperature cutoff and frothing.

Steam Wands

Hot Steam

This uniquely designed stainless steel Viper will not use unnecessary bench space, and produces an endless supply of steam to increase productivity, and double your output.

Water Dispenser

Milk Jug Dispenser

The milk dispenser fills your jug accurately. Instead of manually pouring milk, you simply place a milk jug on the dispenser. The milk dispenser recognises the size of the jug and fills it to the level you have pre-set. The milk dispenser pours 2 types of milk and each pour is accurate to 1 ml – the milk wastage from the manual over-pouring is reduced.

This innovative solution will save you a lot of dollars and man-hours.

Under Bench Unit

Under Bench Boiler

This machine sits under the bench producing the endless supply of steam to your Viper system.