Introducing the Viper Steamer

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Reinventing Steam. It’s a Revolution.

The Viper milk steamer system has an endless supply of steam.
With it’s unique design you save bench space and improve productivity.
This is an invaluable addition to your company. Double your output with Viper.
Exporting to the World.

Product Range

We offer a range of custom options to suit your needs. Our units can be selected with one of the following: A Traditional styled steam wand mounted from below, a modern styled steam wand, able to rotate 360 degrees for a left or right hand operation. A specialised nozzle for dedicated Hot Water or a PID Controlled Steamer for automatic steam temperature cutoff and frothing.

The Workflow

Coffee is no longer a luxury, but now a necessity.


Grinders have had to evolve to accommodate beans being ground on demand, speed and flexibility.


To keep up with the demand there has been an increase in three and four group machines which allow for more coffee’s to be extracted. These machines draw more energy and require more bench space than their earlier predecessors.


The steam requires large amounts of power which
has also seen it as the most volatile and problematic part of the coffee machine. To accommodate the increased demand in steam, the evolution of the twin boiler was born which saw a dedicated boiler for steam and coffee.


As the coffee culture has evolved so has the Latte art which has seen coffee art as a normality.

It’s Affordable, Simple, Elegant and Practical.